Face yoga expert Julia Anastasiou talks to mSkin about the benefits of a facial workout


What is facial yoga? 

I teach the Danielle Collins method of facial yoga. It is a combination of exercises, massage, acupressure and relaxation for the face. It also involves wellbeing techniques for the mind, body and soul.

How does it work?

It is designed to rejuvenate and tone the face and neck.

The idea is that just as our body needs regular exercise to stay toned and firm, the face and neck muscles also need to be exercised.

I teach you how to isolate and strengthen your facial muscles. In time the muscles become firmer and the skin attached to the muscles is lifted and tautened.

Massaging the face helps to increase the circulation, lymph flow and remove toxins.

The acupressure works by pressing certain points on the face to reduce tension and increase circulation.

Face yoga works on a mental and emotional level too. Through breathing techniques and guided visualisations I teach you to relax the face, which helps to prevent the deep sets lines and wrinkles often caused by stress. Taking time to relax can make you feel calmer and more energised – with the results showing in your skin.

How can it benefit our skin?

It helps you achieve a rosy glow, prevent new lines and wrinkles forming, a firmer jaw line and improved skin tone.


What areas of the face does it help most?

It works most commonly on the eyes, cheeks and jawline.

It can help you look brighter around the eyes, have greater fullness around the cheeks and a more toned jaw.

How long is the exercise programme?

There are 18 main techniques for the face. Each workout takes 20 minutes (10 minutes for the upper face and 10 minutes for the lower face). We advise that the 20-minute programme is done daily, six times a week with one day’s rest.

How can we learn the exercises?

You can attend a class or have Skype sessions. There is also a DVD available.

More details about the Danielle Collins facial yoga method here: http://www.faceyogalondon.co.uk/

and here http://www.faceyogaexpert.com/



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